Caren Alpert: Food under a Microscope

More and more these days people seem to be interested in their food: where it comes from, what ingredients are used, is it organic or not. Photographer Caren Alpert takes our growing food fascination one step further by literally putting food under a microscope, an electron microscope to be precise. Alpert’s gorgeous and captivating photographs get inside our food, showing you what it’s made of, below the surface level.  I love things that take an everyday object and make you look at it in a whole new way. I think “Cake Sprinkles” (pictured above) is my favorite. The colors are amazing and it almost looks like a picture taken from a sci-fi movie of planets colliding. Then again, all of her photos are pretty swoon worthy.

Oreo Cookie

Fortune Cookie

Chocolate Cake

Life Saver

From Caren: In a society where we are obsessed with our food (either overeating or undereating), let’s see if we really “are what we eat.” I wanted to deconstruct that very thing that I’ve spent so many years recording. I wanted to show what was there, but what we never actually saw.

To see more of Caren’s wonderful microscope photos, click here. You can also check out her commercial photography, right here.


Kelly said...

Those pictures are so cool! Thanks for sharing them!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Amazing! I really love the shot of the fortune cookie. Just like that of a desert pictures taken from space...



prismsurface said...

Thanks for your information by Revathi

Li Ying said...

Amazing pictures!
Looks so different as well!
Thanks for sharing!

tianode said...

Beautiful Collection !!! by Revathi

Carolyn Jung said...

These are amazing looking. I swear, at first glance, I thought the first photo was of Chanel eye shadows or something. ;)

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