Messy Goodness

Geez louise, does that cover look good or what?? The title alone is composed of four of my all-time favorite adjectives: sticky, chewy, messy, gooey . . . well, uhh, four of my favorite dessert-themed adjectives, anyway. With a title like that, how can you go wrong? For more info on Jill O'Connor's newest cookbook, Sticky, Chewy, Messy, Gooey, click here.


Birds, Birds, and More Birds

Every time that I'm involved in the planning of baby shower, which seems to be quite often lately, I fantasize about serving these cupcakes!! I wish I was talented enough to recreate them. If you're good with a pastry bag and want to try your hand at assembling these little sweeties, you can find directions here, at Martha Stewart's Web site. And, because you know Martha is into the whole matchy matchy thing, you'll also find a recipe for some delicious looking Bird's Nest Cookies and another for a Hummingbird Cake. All the makings of an exclusively bird-themed shower, if you're so inclined. Frankly, I love birds, but it is possible to overdose on cuteness, so it's probably best to just pick one. A little cuteness goes a long way!


Lemon Mascarpone Mmmmm

My mom made this delicious Lemon Mascarpone Pudding over the weekend. It doesn't look like much in the picture, but trust me, it was sooo good!

It features two of my favorite dessert components: a cookie crust AND lemon curd. Just add some mascarpone cheese and you've got the perfect summer treat! Oh, and my mom put it in a bowl, instead of parfait glasses, so everyone was free to scoop out as little . . . or as much as they wanted. For the complete recipe, visit Relish magazine's Web site.


It is my dream to one day meet this cake and I will work until I make that dream come true

It's official. Bakery Bar is my new favorite Web site! For one thing, they are the creators of what has to be the cutest cake I have ever seen!! I stumbled upon it on Sunday and I can't stop thinking about it!! I mean look at it!

How can you not fall in love with it?? Unfortunately, realistically speaking, my palate isn't quite so excited, given that it's completely covered in fondant. Topic: Why oh why can't someone invent a delicious tasting fondant?? Discuss.

For more lovely, albeit fondant-covered goodies, check out their Web site. There's a whole lot more to see!
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