Heirloom Recipe Card Box

I've always wanted a recipe box, but I have yet to start the transfer from printouts to cards. It's just so easy these days to print a recipe or to keep them all stored on your hard drive that the idea of moving everything over to recipe cards seems like a daunting task. I would like to do it someday, though, and these recipe boxes from Rifle Paper Co. are exactly what I have in mind. They remind me of my mother's recipe box: wooden, sturdy, simple. At $125 a piece they are more than a bit pricey, but that's because each box is made by local craftsmen from locally salvaged hardwood (trees that were destined for landfills), so your recipe box will not only be totally unique, but also, a little bit, green. Click here for more info. {Thanks, Rose!}


Edible Art: Jell-O Town

I’m not a fan of Jell-O. I’ve never liked it, not even as a kid. It never really satisfied me as a dessert and, flavorwise, it has always struck me as boring, but Jell-O as an art form, now that’s something that I can get behind and artist Liz Hickok would be just the gal to do it!

Liz is a San Francisco-based artist who transforms Jell-O, the humble dessert of childhood, into fun, colorful cityscapes, complete with wobbly buildings and edible bridges. San Francisco, New York, Wilmington. Liz has constructed each one out of Jell-O. She’s even turned the fictional town of Twin Peaks into a Jell-O paradise, a fact that makes me love her even more.


Sweet Testing: Chocolate Coffee Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

I’ve always wanted to make a drippy cake. (I know that’s not the technical term. Is there a technical term?) For some time now, I’ve been obsessed with cakes that feature dark, chocolaty drips down their sides, so when I saw this cake in the new Baked cookbook, I knew that I had to try it! I’ll admit it. I was a little intimated. I am no Martha Stewart when it comes to presentation, but I think it turned out really well! And it was delicious, too! Seriously yum! It was definitely worth the effort. If you’re not a fan of coffee flavored sweets, have no fear. The coffee flavor is really subtle . . . and I hate coffee.

You can find the complete recipe for the Chocolate Coffee Cake after the jump.


Cooking with Photoshop

I’ll admit it. Sometimes it takes me all day to bake a cake. I don’t know if that’s because the desserts I enjoy making tend to be more complicated or if I’m just really slow in the kitchen, but either way I thoroughly enjoyed watching this creative stopmotion video, Cooking with Photoshop, by artist Maya Rota Klein. Not only does it make baking look so easy, but it was made doubly entertaining by the fact (and I’m sure most food bloggers would agree) that I’m constantly processing photos and therefore do often feel like I’m cooking with Photoshop! If only baking were that easy! (Thanks, Lotta!)
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