Edible Art: Sweet Bed

The artist Brusse is all about love. Street art, installations, mixed media pieces all examining and exploring the subject of l-o-v-e. He's done a lot of interesting pieces over the years, but, personally, the piece that I can't get enough of his candy-inspired "Love Injection" bed. And I'm not even a romantic person! Actually, squash that. I am a romantic person. I'm just not attracted to romance in the traditional sense (i.e. candlelit dinners, boxes of chocolates, stuffed bears), but something about this makes me go awwww. Maybe it's the sugar. All I know is that I'd much prefer candy on my sheets than rose petals, although it would probably be a good idea to buy some cheap white sheets that you could toss (or use as rags) if they stained. To check out more of Brusse's love work, you can visit his Web site, right here.


Fig & Kindle

Sarah Goldschmidt over at Fig & Kindle recently sent me a link to her Etsy shop and boy, am I glad that she did! Her glass brittles may be the most gorgeous brittles that I have ever seen and the flavors are so creative! This isn't your ordinary peanut brittle. At the Fig & Kindle shop you'll find walnut rosemary, saigon cinnamon, and wasabi pea brittle! I don't know which one I would want to sample first! There are also cocoa cinnamon and almond anise cookies available in their Etsy shop as well. Yum! Besides all of the eye candy, personally, I have a hard time resisting anything with the word "fig" in the title. Love the word...love the fruit! Sarah's brittles (and more) are available right here. Click here to check the Fig & Kindle blog as well. [Thanks, Sarah!]


Inspiration Board: Candy

Oh, wow! Do I love this cake or what?? When I first came across this Rock Candy Cake on Style Me Pretty, I thought, that is the greatest wedding cake I have ever seen. Okay, I admit it, I probably have said that about other cakes in the past, and I think I said it again when I saw the Dots Cake featured below, but it's definitely one of my favorites. It's beautiful and fun and simple all at the same time. Who knew that rock candy could look so sophisticated! If I attended a wedding and there was a Rock Candy Cake, I'd be a happy girl. Seeing this cake actually inspired me to do a little research to find other ways in which candy can be used as a design element in food and this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it! {Rock Candy Cake by Cocoa + Fig, photo by Red Ribbon Studio}

Candy Dots Cake, by Lochel’s Bakery, courtesy of Philadelphia Wedding

Gumball Cake by A Sweet Design

Heston Blumenthal’s Popping-Candy Chocolate Cake by Chubby Hubby {This cake is amazing, but if you'd like a simpler approach to incorporating Pop Rocks in your desserts, try sprinkling it on top of a cake or cupcake.}


Kitchen Stickers by Hu2 Design

I think my love of wall stickies is probably rooted in my childhood love of stickers, but, really, I think that it's the way that they easily transform an otherwise boring room that makes me a fan. I love the idea of completely changing a wall without the use of paint or stencils. These playful stickers by Hu2 Design would work perectly in a kitchen or dinning area. I espeically like the one titled Essential Dessert Recipes. It's a design element and a cookbook all in one! Click here to shop the Hu2 sticker collection online.


Edible Art: Paul Wayne Gregory

I have a major weakness for chocolate sculpture. Don't ask me why. Probably because it combines two of my favorite things: art and food! So, of course, I'm loving these amazing pieces by chocoltaire Paul Wayne Gregory, despite the fact that the chocolate bust pictured above reminds me of the clay head in Lionel Richie's amazingly bad Hello video.

If you'd like to chocolate sculpture of yourself or your loved one, Paul is available for comissions. He'll even do a full body version, if that's what you're into. If you like your chocolate on a much smaller scale, you can order Paul's award winning Pure Indulgence chocolate box, which includes a chocolate made out of popping candy, along with other sweets via his Web site. As an added bonus, you'll be happy to know that Paul's candy is made without any artificial food flavorings or artificial compounds and a minimal percentage of sugars. Woo hoo! Click here to check out more of Paul's work and to shop online.
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