Ice Cream Sandwich Makers Ride Their Bikes, Too

I know that the holiday season is now upon us and the last thing you're probably thinking about in the dead of winter, while you're freezing your bum off, is ice cream, but I'm so excited about Ruby Jewel's ice cream sandwiches that I couldn't wait until spring to write about them! Not only am I impressed by their mouth-watering flavors like cinnamon chocolate with espresso, lemon with honey lavender, and, the seasonal treat, ginger cookie with pumpkin, but also with company's environmental philosophy. Lisa Herlinger, Ruby Jewel's founder, started selling her sandwiches at the Portland Farmer's Market, and has continued to support her community as the company has grown. The sandwiches are made from fresh, local, and natural ingredients, even when it's not cost effective, and, if you don't believe them, they even list their vendors on their Web site. In addition, they make every effort to limit waste, and actually reward their employees for riding their bikes to work!
If you live on the west side of the country, you can click here to find a store near you. The rest of the country can order online via their Web site. If you're torn between which flavor to order, Ruby Jewel has a variety-pack option, so you can sample each and every one!

Vintage and Not So Vintage: Plate Sets

I'm starting a new feature with this post, Vintage and Not So Vintage, where I'll list one kitchen item for those who love vintage items and one comparable new piece, for those who don't.

Vintage Nobility Permaware Bread Plates ($12/set of seven)

Plant Food ($42/set of four)


Mid-Century Gingerbread House

I've always loved gingerbread houses. In part because of the detail involved in making them, but mostly because when I was a kid they seemed like the ultimate dessert fantasy! Each year I wanted to pick all the candy canes off the roof, but knew that I would be in big trouble if I did! So, as you can imagine, I really enjoyed seeing Red Envelope's modern take on the classic gingerbread house. It's renewed my interest in edible houses all over again! Click here for more info and to order online.



I know I'm a little late with this one, considering that the latest exhibition of these photographs, at the Madelyn Jordon Fine Art gallery, closed November 29th, but I couldn't resist posting something about these wonderful images. This series, titled MINIMIAM (miam means yum in French), was created between 2002 and 2008 and features sixty images of tiny toy figures living in various food landscapes. The insanely creative images are interesting, funny, and mouth watering all at the same time! (I'm especially fond of the man mowing the kiwi.) The fact that the donuts, chocolate mounds, and ice cream cones are photographed so beautifully is not surprising, given that the artists, Pierre Javelle and Akiko Ida, are food photographers whose work has appeared in many gourmet magazines. Visit their Web site for more images and click here for a video about the artists.


Gift Guide: Design and Fun

Here is the final Gift Guide posting! :-)

eggs, 8x10 photograph ($15) by Danielle Anthony

Buttermint Tiles ($20/ea) by Maizie Jane

Foodie Fight ($20), food trivia game, available at Fred Flare


Let the Gift Guide Begin! (Day 1: Bowls)

Okay, here it is, my first attempt at a gift guide. I tried to include at least one vintage item per post because there's just soooo much great vintage kitchenware out there. I also tried to focus on Etsy sellers because if you're not going the vintage route, at least you're supporting independent artists. As far as the layout is concerned, there is probably a better way to set this up, but my time is limited, so I just stuck with the basics. Enjoy!

Vintage Pyrex Friendship Mixing Bowl, available on Ebay

Mini Bowl ($35) by Jill Rosenwald

notNeutral Bowl Set (4 @ $48)

Just He/ Just She - Big blue-black bowls ($60)

Whirl Bowl ($70) by Kim Westad

Handbuilt candy bowl ($87), designed by Aida Dirse, available at Rare Device

Poppy Bowl ($158) by Whitney Smith

Eight Nesting Lotus Bowls ($325) by Whitney Smith
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