Easy Decorating Tips

Rachael Ray has a whole slew of really simple, cake decorating ideas over at her Web site. All the cakes are decorated with easy-to-find, everyday items, like butter cookies, After Eight mints, and maraschino cherries. They look wonderful and she makes it all look so easy; I think I might even be able to pull off one of these! Click here for more candy-inspired decorations, as well as tips for adding textural designs to your frosting, using only silverware.


Old-Fashioned at Miette

I don't know what kind of cake this is, but I want it! That was the first thought that went through my mind when I saw this cake on Miette's Web site. It's called an Old-Fashioned and, after doing a quick search, I discovered that it's a chocolate cake with a meringue frosting that is topped with a candy-coated peanut. It has a sweet retro feel, hence the name, and you can never go wrong with red, black, and white. Actually, all of the cakes at Miette are quite lovely.

Also, a friend of mine bought me some of their peanut butter cookies once and they were surprisingly good! There was a lot of flavor packed into that little cookie!
Miette is based in San Francisco, but you can order some of their less delicate products, like the peanut butter cookies, via their online store.


Would You Like Some Bread with Your Sprinkles?

A coworker of mine, who was born in the Netherlands, told me that she puts these chocolate sprinkles on bread and claims that it's a really great treat. To which I replied: Sprinkles on bread? Okay, if you say so.

Wanna try them for yourself? You know you do! Visit The Little Dutch Girl for more info.

Vegan Desserts: You've Come A Long Way, Baby

Who says that there aren't any good vegan desserts? Morons, losers, politicians who think they know a lot about foreign policy simply because they can see Russia from their house. Well, guess what? They're all wrong! At least, Desserts Magazine thinks so. They've dedicated an entire issue to, you guessed it, vegan desserts! Check it out at your local magazine rack or visit their Web site where you can browse through a free copy of the current issue! (The Web site seems to be down at the moment—too many vegans storming the site!)


Election Fever

Just in time for the election in November, Moonstruck Chocolate Company, creators of the world's cutest truffles, has put together yet another adorable treat. Their new Election Collection is the perfect solution for all you frustrated voters out there who can't stand another minute of you know who! Imagine the pleasure you'll get from biting off the head of that elephant . . . uhhh or donkey . . . whichever the case may be. Actually, after reading the ingredients, I'd much rather eat the cinnamon and almond-flavored donkey (mmmm) than that boring old dark chocolate elephant (yawn) any day.

Now, this whole truffle discussion could easily transition into a full-fledged political rant, but I think I'll take a tip from my edible friends and keep my mouth shut! Let this be a lesson to all of you. The next you feel like engaging in a little partisan bickering, just act like a little animal-shaped truffle instead. If these two inanimate objects can live together in peace and harmony, so can the rest of us.

You can order yourself a little election night diversion online or, to find a store near you, click here.


Hershey's Bliss

Earlier this year, Hershey's introduced a new bite-size chocolate candy called Hershey's Bliss. Let's face it, given the size, shape, and even packaging of the new Bliss candy, it seems pretty obvious that Hershey's probably created these chocolate bites to compete with the classic Dove Miniatures and, I have to say, it worked! I'm not a huge fan of plain chocolate candy, but these are quite good! They have a much richer flavor than the Dove chocolate and in a completely informal and unbiased taste test that I conducted, the Bliss won, easily! Of course, I've only tried the dark chocolate variety, so maybe the other flavors wouldn't stand up to further scientific testing. All I know is that I actually look forward to eating them, and really, that's all that matters! Well, that and the fact that there's only 20g of sugar in six pieces! That helps, too!

As an added incentive, Hershey's has a $1 off coupon on their Web site right now for any of the Bliss products. Just click here and print away!
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