Let the Gift Guide Begin! (Day 1: Bowls)

Okay, here it is, my first attempt at a gift guide. I tried to include at least one vintage item per post because there's just soooo much great vintage kitchenware out there. I also tried to focus on Etsy sellers because if you're not going the vintage route, at least you're supporting independent artists. As far as the layout is concerned, there is probably a better way to set this up, but my time is limited, so I just stuck with the basics. Enjoy!

Vintage Pyrex Friendship Mixing Bowl, available on Ebay

Mini Bowl ($35) by Jill Rosenwald

notNeutral Bowl Set (4 @ $48)

Just He/ Just She - Big blue-black bowls ($60)

Whirl Bowl ($70) by Kim Westad

Handbuilt candy bowl ($87), designed by Aida Dirse, available at Rare Device

Poppy Bowl ($158) by Whitney Smith

Eight Nesting Lotus Bowls ($325) by Whitney Smith


Reeni said...

What a bunch of great bowls! I really like the whirl bowl, cute design.

Cakespy said...

OMG!! I love the lettuce-y ones and the he/she ones...but they are all just so cool!!

Irene said...

The lotus bowls are stunning. Thanks for putting this together!

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