Inspiration Board: Halloween

There are A TON of Halloween-related recipes circling the Web right now and trying to navigate your way through them all can be just a little exhausting. For this year's Halloween post, I wanted to narrow it down to the most inspiring options. So I scoured the World Wide Web, looking for ideas that I hadn't seen before or that made me smile wider than all the rest. Enjoy and Happy Halloween! [above: Marzipan Figures by Dean & Deluca ($35)]

Vampire Cookies by Baking Bites

Gingerbread Skeletons from The Secret Life of Food

Cupcake Envy's Spider cake and cupcakes (This one really creeps me out, which means that it must be good!)

Gingerbread Monster by Scottoons (This one is actually a clay sculpture, but I thought it was a cute idea for Halloween gingerbread cookies!)

Martha Stewart's Boo-tiful Cake

The Food Network's Screaming Spice Cookies


Carolyn Jung said...

The marzipan ghouls are too cute! Ahh, that's the great thing about Halloween -- it allows all of us to be kids again.

Sissie said...

OOOOOO!! The Halloween cookies & cakes were delightfully errie & gorgeous!! The spider cake was even hairy! EEks! It would be hard to just choose three or four goodies if I came to your door. I LOVE Halloween!

Tres Jolie Studios said...

Ohhh fab roundup! I bet the vampire cookies will be popular this year with the current twilight craze!

dessert girl said...

Ha ha. Yeah, vampires are SUPER popular at the moment!

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