Inspiration Board: Easter

I love Easter, the spring air, the flowers, the bunnies, the Easter egg hunts, and the Easter basket filled with fake grass…and, of course, candy! My favorite Easter candy has changed quite a bit over the years. When I was a kid, I was crazy for Peeps and Cadbury Crème Eggs. As I grew older, I lost my taste for those too sugary treats and and now, when Easter comes around, I start craving Cadbury Mini Eggs and Resses Peanut Butter Eggs! Everyone has their favorite Easter candies and memories, but if you're looking for some new and fun ideas for your Easter table, check out the photos below! {Above: Raspberry-Lemon Easter Cake from The Food Network}

Chocolate Mousse-Filled Easter Eggs by Lauren at Fisher&Paykel. Gorgeous!

Martha Stewart's Springerle Easter Bunny Cupcakes

Easter Bunny Cake by Andrea Meyers. I love, love, love this cake! So cute and retro, like a cake I would have had when I was a wee girl.

Martha Stewart's Easter Paper Chains A super cute and easy way to spice up a simple cake!

Martha Stewart's Sugar-Coated Marshmallow Bunnies. These homemade Peeps made the rounds last year, but I still really love them!

Mini Cheesecakes from Bright Ideas. Again, I really like the old school feel of these. So sweet.

Easter Cookie Purse ($3) by Route 29. I have no idea what these taste like, but I'm a sucker for cute packaging and the illustration on this box is just great!


Carol Egbert said...

Your blog is beautiful and you made me smile. Thanks. Would you like to link your blog to mine?

If so send me an email with your blog address and I'll put you in my blog roll.

Thanks for finding my site.


Carolyn Jung said...

I'd love to have a trail of marshmallow bunnies like thatleading the way to my doorway. I'd never get lost then. Hah. Or suffer from low-blood sugar, either.

Punctuation Mark said...

yum! craving some good sweets right now!

dessert girl said...

Thanks, Carol!

shaz said...

What gorgeous inspirations!And that cake couch in the last post...oh my!

Joanne said...

I love easter candy. So much that I absolutely cannot have it anywhere near me. Reese's are my especial weakness.

All of these treats look awesome! I can't wait to start thinking about baking for Easter now!

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