Suggestion Box: Favorite Spots in NY

One of my favorite things about New York is the fact that you can find a bakery on just about every street. I'm not going to lie; it is pretty much the only reason that I would consider packing my bags and moving there permanently. My fondness for trees and peace and quiet would probably prevent such a move, but the fact that I could go to Baked and Momofuku on a regular basis . . . now that would be tempting! It certainly would be much easier than what I do now, which is to try and cram all my NY eating into one long weekend! Food is most definitely on my brain while I'm there, and even when I'm not, like tonight, when I was driving home from work. I seriously spent my rush-hour drive time trying to decide if I want to order the Arnold Palmer cake or the Lucky Charms ice cream at Momofuku! It was while contemplating this important decision when I thought, hey, wouldn't it be fun to ask people about their favorite things to eat and do in New York! I find that the best ideas usually come via recommendations and, besides, I love hearing about people's favorite spots, including the nonfood variety. I mean, you can't possibly spend the whole time eating, can you? [Gramercy Park print by the smile inducing Matte Stephens]


Joanne said...

Ah NY. My favorite topic.

Non-food - walk around Central Park, SoHo, the HighLine, the Seaport, the Strand Bookstore.

Food - Caracas Arepas (SO cheap and SO delicious), Prem-On Thai, Dinosaur BBQ

dessert girl said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Joann! I'll be sure to check these out! :-)

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