Inspiration Board: Sailboats

Photo from Goûters rigolos by Aline Caron

I honestly don't know what inspired me write this post. I'm not into sailboats or sailing or being out in the sun for more than thirty seconds, but there is just something so charming about these sailboat cakes! Maybe it's the fact that the temperature has dropped suddenly and it's beginning to feel like fall that has me longing for these decidedly summer-themed desserts. Whatever the reason, I wanted to share them with you because they are just so damned cute! :-) ~Erin

Cake by Charm City Cakes, photo by Tim Riddick
Via Dulce Design
Via Mit Hus


Gluten Free Biscuits said...

There are so many cake designs that I saw and this is depends on occasion. Before, I think that the best choice of decorations that suited for summer are fruits. Using this sailboat never came into my mind and I find it more effective. Because during summer the beach is one of the favorite place.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

My husband is a keen sailor so I'm always on the look out for inspiring ideas for his cakes! :D

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