Edible Art: Cake Decoration Machine

I’ve never been very good at cake decorating. Oh, sure, I can fake it, to a certain extent, but, when it comes to fancy icing, I am no expert. So, as you can imagine, when I first saw this cake decorating machine, I immediately thought, Ohhh…where can I get one of those?? In reality, this clever device is not a bakery standby, but was created for the exhibition Design Criminals or A New Joy into the World, in which designers “were asked to react to Design activities such as tattooing, hair dressing, or arranging flowers, which usually happen outside design discourses.” The cake decorating exhibit, created by Studio mischer‘traxler and titled Till You Stop - How Much is Too Much?, allows the visitor to apply frosting to a cake, letting them choose whether they want a lot of decoration or a little. The user watches as the machine constantly updates it’s palate and must decide when to stop the process. Once the user stops the machine, it cannot be started again. It’s an interesting look at the art of cake decoration, replacing work that is traditionally done by hand and replacing it with a machine. It also forces users to make design decisions rather quickly, raising the question, What do you find visually exciting? Are you attracted to simplicity or something more elaborate?

The cake decorating machine is currently part of the permanent collection of the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna. ~Erin


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

What a spectacular way to decorate a cake! I wonder if I could do anything like that by hand? Hehe I don't imagine it would be anywhere near as neat :P

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