Cereal Boxes

Oh, sugary cereals. They always bring up such feelings of nostalgia for me. I'm not sure why. Sugar cereals were not exactly a staple in our house, although they did find their way onto our breakfast table from time to time, and it was always exciting when they did! Marshmallows for breakfast? Yes, thank you. I think I will. Apparently, I'm not the only one that gets all nostalgic over the thought of eating Lucky Charms or Count Chocula. In fact, the folks over at CerealBoxes are hoping that you are so eager to relive the sugar-fueled cereal days of your youth that you'll want to look at cereal every day, on your wall. That's right. CerealBoxes is turning your favorite cereals into art by placing them in handcrafted specimen boxes like the kind you would see in a museum, normally filled with dead insects. Each box includes nine cereal specimens, ranging from Raisin Bran to Corn Puffs to Fruit Loops. In addition, the samples are tagged and dated with the year they went on the market. At the moment there are three different boxes to choose from, with each box costing $225. Click here to check them out and to order online. ~Erin


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