Old-Fashioned at Miette

I don't know what kind of cake this is, but I want it! That was the first thought that went through my mind when I saw this cake on Miette's Web site. It's called an Old-Fashioned and, after doing a quick search, I discovered that it's a chocolate cake with a meringue frosting that is topped with a candy-coated peanut. It has a sweet retro feel, hence the name, and you can never go wrong with red, black, and white. Actually, all of the cakes at Miette are quite lovely.

Also, a friend of mine bought me some of their peanut butter cookies once and they were surprisingly good! There was a lot of flavor packed into that little cookie!
Miette is based in San Francisco, but you can order some of their less delicate products, like the peanut butter cookies, via their online store.


Anonymous said...

We went to the Miette bakery in San Francisco's Ferrry Bldg. Everything looked fabulous. We had some of their biscotti which was very small but delicious. I wanted to bring a cake home, but they said it would only stay fresh for about 4 days, and we were not returning that soon. Maybe next time we will just eat it there!

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