Hershey's Bliss

Earlier this year, Hershey's introduced a new bite-size chocolate candy called Hershey's Bliss. Let's face it, given the size, shape, and even packaging of the new Bliss candy, it seems pretty obvious that Hershey's probably created these chocolate bites to compete with the classic Dove Miniatures and, I have to say, it worked! I'm not a huge fan of plain chocolate candy, but these are quite good! They have a much richer flavor than the Dove chocolate and in a completely informal and unbiased taste test that I conducted, the Bliss won, easily! Of course, I've only tried the dark chocolate variety, so maybe the other flavors wouldn't stand up to further scientific testing. All I know is that I actually look forward to eating them, and really, that's all that matters! Well, that and the fact that there's only 20g of sugar in six pieces! That helps, too!

As an added incentive, Hershey's has a $1 off coupon on their Web site right now for any of the Bliss products. Just click here and print away!


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