Jessie Steele Aprons at Sur La Table

I can't seem to bake anything without getting sugar and flour all over my clothes, so I'm always sure to put on an apron first to protect myself from the mess I'm about to create! If you're a cooking slob like me, check out the super cute aprons ($40 each) at Sur La Table (my favorite is the red cherries version, seen above). They're so adorable that you won't mind covering up your outfit while you're in the kitchen. Frankly, I wish some of these were dresses, so I could wear them outside of the house! Oh, well. Click here to view Sur La Table's complete apron collection.

This just in. I just discovered that these aprons are also available via the designer's Web site. Click here for more info.


Heather said...

totally adorable! i got the pink polka dot one for my mom's birthday -- she loved it! ps your spider cake is ADORABLE!!

dessert girl said...

Thanks, Heather! Although, I didn't actually create the cake that appears in the picture. I guess I didn't make that clear...I'm not that talented! :-)

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