Inspiration Board: Wood Grain

I’m noticing a bit of a mini trend starting to emerge in the baking world: wood grain! Maybe it's an extension of the design world's renewed love of wood's simplicity, but a growing number of pastry chefs (and home bakers) seem to be using wood for inspiration! Personally, I love the look of wood, so I really enjoyed researching this one. There are so many cool ways to incorporate this trend and I can't wait to try one! Check out the images below if you too would like to add a little carpentry to your dessert menu. [Above: Martha Stewart's Chocolate Faux Bois Cupcakes]

Baumkuchen or Tree Cake. The particular cake was created by Falko Konditormeister for Katherine's wedding. If you want to create your own version of Baumkuchen, a recipe can be found here.

Woodgrain Heart Cookies from Whipped Bakeshop

Woodgrain Monogrammed Cookie from Whipped Bakeshop

Wedding Cake from Martha Stewart's Making Chocolate Woodgrain

Bird House by I Dream of Cake

Christophe Mazeaud's Wood Slice

Martha Stewart's Chocolate Wood Grain

Wood Grain Mat ($7.70) from Country Kitchen


Y said...

What stunning cakes! And I love baumkuchen - the perfect swirls in a wellmade baumkuchen are just so mesmerising :)

Carolyn Jung said...

I wonder what's inspiring our love affair with baked goods decorated with wood grain? You think it has to do with our growing environmental consciousness or something along those lines?

Justin said...

i wasn't aware of this trend, but the photos are cool

otehlia cassidy said...

Wow! those are amazing. I don't think I could even eat them...actually, I probably could.

Tres Jolie Studios said...

I love the cookie!!

Katherine said...

Found you through my blog stats, thanks for featuring our wedding cake. The other cakes are gorgeous, especially love the monogrammed cookie.

Here's a photo of our full baumkuchen: http://web.me.com/jonnagl/Wedding_Photos/Katherine_%26_Jons_Wedding__The_Best_Of.html#121

dessert girl said...

Hi, Katherine! Thanks for sending the link! That cake is amazing!!

Hi, Carolyn! Could be. It is a hot news topic lately. "Natural" elements have been pretty popular this decade (animals, wood, etc).

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